Solar collector RKE Alpin 2,51

The solar collector consists RKE Alpin 2500  quality materials. Whether at home or placed free (eg flat roof, balcony, facade, in the garden or part of a large system) - the versatility in every roof and every situation is its main advantage. The high-quality solar collector has a patented quick mounting system. With few tools and simple steps can the collectors be mounted quickly and easily. The low-iron solar safety glass in clear-glass design allows for very high light transmittance.

Corresponding mounting systems are available on request:

• Parallel to the roof with a roof or hanger bolts
• 20° raised with roof brackets or hanger bolts
• 35° raised with roof brackets or hanger bolts
• 45° aised, to be mounted on flat roofs

Flatcollector RKE ALPIN 2500

  RKE Alpin 2500 H (highformat) RKE Alpin 2500 Q (landscape)
gross area 2,51 qm 2,51 qm
absorber area 2,25 qm 2,35 qm
aperture area 2,34 qm 2,34 qm
h xb xd 2150 mm x 1170 mm x 83 mm 1170 mm x 2150 mm x 83 mm
weight 36 kg 36 kg
solar fluid 1,4 l 1,4 l
max. pressure 10 bar 10 bar
max. connection in series 10 pieces 8 pieces
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