Akvaterm Heat exchanger (coils)

Besides the standard coil, AKVA hot water coils are manufactured as ø 22 mm copper combs for flows of 20-200 l/min (capacity 50–500 kW) according to the customer’s dimensions. Structural pressure 10 bar.

AKVA LK 35 90 kW160 mm750 mm3/4" 35 l/min
AKVA LK 45120 kW160 mm950 mm3/4"45 l/min
AKVA LK 60150 kW160 mm1250 mm1"60 l/min
AKVA LK 80205 kW250 mm900 mm1 1/4"80 l/min
AKVA LK 100255 kW300 mm1000 mm1 1/2"100 l/min
AKVA LK 120310 kW300 mm1100 mm2"120 l/min

Akvaterm resistors

The accumulator’s electric resistor units can be factory-installed. The resistor material is high-quality Incoloy 825. The night electricity accumulator’s accessories include 2-3 electric resistors for nighttime use as well as daytime resistors. 

The delivery also includes thermostats for nighttime and daytime use, manufactured to comply with the Finnish Electricity Association’s drawing no. SLY 3.2, as well as a single overheating protector. If necessary the accumulator tank can be supplied with its own control panel. 

The accumulators’ electrification can also be carried out according to the customer’s preferences.

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