AKVA Standard accumulator

Akvaterm accumulator tank can be - regardless of the heating system or the energy - easily combined with all major sources of heat. The Akvaterm accumulator tank are highly efficient stratified storage with a capacity of 300 (for residential applications) to 10,000 liters (for larger buildings and equipment). Besides Akvaterm provides hot water storage layers for renovation projects as well as "tailor-made" accumulator tank since their volume, ports and water spiral meet the specifications of the client.

Capacity 300-5000 litres. The insulation is 100-mm seamless polyurethane faced with steel sheet. Detachable side panels are also an option. An uninsulated accumulator tank coated with corrosion protection paint can also be delivered. The upper hatch has a standard hot water coil. A domestic hot water pre-heating coil, a solar heating coil, heat collector exchanger and other units can be placed in the lower hatch. Below are 2” units for the electrical resistors used during the night. The resistors used during the day are in the centre, and built-in guide pipes ensure the proper layering of heat.


AKVA 300 EK7102050130
AKVA 500 EK8002050155
AKVA 750 EK9502050200
AKVA 1000 EK10502100230
AKVA 1500 EK12502150280
AKVA 2000 EK14002200330
AKVA 2500 EK15002250360
AKVA 3000 EK16002300400
AKVA 4000 EK18002450480
AKVA 5000 EK20002500600
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