AKVA GEO is suited to all heat sources

With the AKVA GEO you can utilize your heat pumps to all heat demand improving their efficiency. They enable combining heatpumps with renewable heat sources enabling the best output. The model range varies between 300 and 5,000 litres and it comes with the high grade seamless polyurethane familiar from all Akvaterm models. Each AKVA GEO has two domestic hot water coils built in as a default two water coils to improve your coefficiency consuming always initially the lower grade heat.

  • An accumulator tank developed for the needs of heat pump customers (heating and hot household water). 
  • The next-generation, efficiency, two-layer structure supplies plenty of hot household water as the lower buffer area provides preheat to DHW and the energy required by the heating system.
  • Versatile customizability and suitability for all heat sources.



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