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This is how the insert boiler stove EGRA-DS to the immediate value to your house..

With little effort on heating with added value ..

• Comprehensive program of doors, manual production according to customer requirement
• Performance areas: from 11 kW up to 25 kW
• Compliance with all legal standards for DIN EN 13229, BimSchV. 1 & 2, §15a B-VG Norm, VKF-Norm s.o.
• Optimum ratio of the energy splitting even at standard glass. The low proportion of radiation is used to low heat requirements of modern buildings with good insulation. (option: Double-Glass reduce radiating heat up to 35%)
• Efficiency over 80%, pure natural draft chimney
• High volume of water to transport energy with low flow rate
• High proportion of heat exchanger surface for better exchange of energy. Easy access to combustion chamber, easy cleaning!
• No fireclay, combustion chamber 10 years warranty!
• Less easy to remove the ash and ash pan over high-volume. The use must not be cooled down.
• High pressure 3 bar (proofpressure 6 bar), adequate safety margins in the heating system / operation!
• German quality, 100% made in Germany
• Good system maintenance, easily accessible, clean without modification of the combustion chamber. Filter has a self-cleaning effect. If required, the sealing material to simply renew. Door can be easily made and be hooked. Technical components accessible through the access opening.
• Fireplace EGRA-DS allows connection to any hydraulic system - whether open gravity system, closed system or passive house standard with air conditioning. (Consultation required in order!)
• Near-customer service team, high warranty!
• All EGRA-DS models testing laboratory, tested according to high German standards!