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Technology in detail

The insert boiler stoves EGRA-DS are certified according to DIN 13229th It is at this time fireplaces to fire furnaces, where the front is designed as a door. The standard of justice fireplaces according to DIN EN 13229 and supplement article 15a B-VG on energy conservation and protection measures with regard to firing of furnaces as well as the demands of the approval of the regulation and in Styria BMfWA.

Proof results:

  • German DIN EN 13229
  • German standard 1.BImSchV.(1.+2. level)
  • Compliance with local air aollution control ordinance
  • Compliance Art. 15aB-VG Austria, and LRV of Switzerland   


Standard shipment:

  • Copper heat exchanger as safety equipment (overtemperature protection)
  • brass heat exchanging device as safety equipment (overtemperature protection)
  • Graphite finish
  • One-winged fireproof glass pane (front) and damper  
  • Safety valve
  • Boiler control
  • Discharge safety device
  • Flow / return
  • Draining
  • Supply air notch (100 mm with control valve)
  • Selectable connections for water pipes – left, right, behind

Our fireplaces of the EGRA-DS series have a variety of connectivity options. Thereby the fireplaces for each installation.


Pure natural draft, proven effective and safe over decades!