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EGRA-DS fire control DUO

The fire control system of the type DUO has a two-part throttle for air regulation (supply of external air - no from the room).

The first (upper) half leads the external air supply under the grate ash and is deactivated after reaching the set temperature. The second (lower) half lead to the external supply air for post-combustion of the exhaust gases as well as for the airwash system. After reaching the set target temperature, this throttle valve closes at 50%, but continues to lead fresh air to the after burning and the disk flushing. If the temperature exceeds the setpoint or in case of power failure, both parts of the throttle valve close automatically. The burn is mitigated limited and controlled it.

The fire control EGRA-DUO is the only on the market thus constructed solution. It separates the air supply in post-combustion and pre-heating phase. The algorithms used are created by a Vielzahlan tests and trial runs and adapted very efficiently to our fireplaces.

Selling argument - Why the version DUO?

Thanks to this solution, the adjustment and adaptation diversity is higher by a multiple. Has the chimney, for example, too much tension, so you can adjust with this control, the settings individually to the existing condition.

Some solutions from other manufacturers often have the problem that they close after reaching the target temperature, the supply air abruptly completely. As a result, it may result in unwanted turbulence in the combustion chamber and the combustion process can thus continue no longer effective. 

Data sheet 40 kW

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