soleg PVH - The intelligent solar heating

Heating with solar power and increase their own consumption - soleg combined photovoltaic and heat pump

Solar electricity from your own roof is cheaper than from the grid. For during lunchtime, there is often surplus that can not be consumed directly. With the aid of a heat pump can flow surpluses convert into heat and store. The heat pump serves as a solar heater and can be integrated into any existing or new heating system.

Special feature: The heat pump operates in modulating output operation. In conjunction with the intelligent control system to fit the electrical power consumption of the energy is produced. 

The complete system consists of:

• Mitsubishi Electric air / water heat pump
• Combined with hydro storage box for hydraulic integration 
• Control and energy management system to control the whole heating system

The PV system is planned individually according to requirements.
Recommended power system sizes see (technique / design).

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